Bahrain LNG is committed to safeguarding the environment in which it operates for future generations and providing for their energy requirements by working in a socially responsible manner with green initiatives at the heart of our business. We reinforce the idea that everybody is accountable for responsible environmental practices and ensure that these are integrated into how work is performed at our facility.

Operations are carefully planned and managed on site in order to reduce the likelihood of environmental incidents and maintain our position as a considerate neighbour who takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

We actively seek to maintain the pristine marine environment in which our offshore terminal is located and possess a comprehensive Seawater Quality Plan with regular samples being taken and the results carefully monitored.

The terminal has a detailed Greenhouse Gas Management Plan and has taken steps to reduce its carbon dioxide footprint with ambitious performance targets relating to emissions. A boil off gas recovery system in place within the terminal and energy efficient equipment has been identified and installed for improved environmental performance. A leak detection program has also been implemented to confirm that any methane leaks are quickly identified and remedied.

The LNG industry sets a high standard in terms of health, safety and the environment. This is the result of both the advanced technology utilised in construction and operation as well as the physical makeup of LNG itself.

Bahrain LNG aims for the top in terms of safety standards. It is our number one priority.

There is an enduring obligation for the welfare of staff, visitors, the community, as well as a resolve to safeguard the environment. Safety systems are always in place and active in upholding the highest standards of safety at the terminal.

The Bahrain LNG Terminal has been planned and constructed to provide health, safety and environmental obedience and dependability. Technology proven to be effective as well as machinery and materials that have established safe performance in comparable working surroundings at numerous installations are used throughout the terminal. The LNG industry is highly regulated and our facility adheres to all relevant national and international legislation of which it is subject. Close links are maintained with the security forces and Civil Defense to ensure the security of the terminal and visiting vessels.